Thursday, November 13, 2008

NPDA work

This is most of the work I've contributed to the NPD poster project.

We were using origami as a metaphor for the artistic process, as well as for the metamorphosis of the artistically-inclined. The diagrams and pathways symbolize the steps an artist takes while engaged in making a particular piece of art, as well as the life steps—education and artistic experience—a student of art takes on his/her journey. The completed origami cranes illustrate the finished piece, and/or the artist having reached a higher understanding of his/her work.

Making-a-crane diagram, worked out with graphite on tracing paper, then transferred to white paper.

Complete crane fold-diagram. I drew over the fold lines with graphite, then reworked in Adobe Illustrator.

This poster design was based on the crane fold diagram above.

I'd never tried origami before; it wasn't easy—written instructions confuse me—but I bravely persevered, and made a few cranes. Chihiro is a much better crane-maker, but these didn't turn out too bad for a first-timer.

Graphite on tracing paper, with color added in Adobe Illustrator.

Originally sketched by hand, these were reworked in Adobe Illustrator. Color variations on the same design

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Edited digitally in Adobe Photoshop; changes were made post-critique.

Contrast adjusted in Adobe Photoshop

Illustration for Bad Breath article

Original painting, acrylics on watercolor board. My homage to 50's/60's monster movies.