Sunday, April 21, 2013

Recent Paintings

The last two paintings are the same, conceptually, as the previous ones, but technically, they've been experiments. I've been thinking about working in layers for awhile, so I took the materials I've been using, added a new one, and played around with them in different ways to see what kind of layering I could do.  As usual, when doing something for the first time, I got unexpected results.

This one is on panel, and has a layer of coarse molding paste, a thin pastel wash, a layer of extruded acrylic, a layer of high solid gel, collaged textile imagery, and another layer of high solid gel. It's taken a lot longer to dry than I'd anticipated.  There will be another layer of extruded acrylic on top and maybe a layer of water soluble oil after that.

still in progress, 16x16 inches

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